Outdoor Landscape Lighting

Outdoor landscape lighting adds functionality and aesthetics to your home, landscape, and outdoor living spaces. It expands entertaining options and adds visual appeal while increasing your home’s security. From design to installation to maintenance, Somloi Landscape Services offers a range of landscape lighting services to bring out the best in your property.

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Whether you are renovating your existing landscape or have everything in place, we can add a carefully designed outdoor lighting system tailored to your property. So much planning goes into creating your landscape, and with proper outdoor lighting you can enjoy it day and night.


How much does design and installation of a landscape lighting system run? Pricing for lighting system varies based on your lighting design requirements. We also offer referral rewards and discounts when multiple families sign up at the same time!

How much will my electricity bill increase? Low voltage LED bulbs (very efficient light emitting diodes) are used, thus most of the time it can’t be noticed on your bill. The exact amount varies based on your lighting design.

Do I have to reset the timer as seasons change? Never, we install timers that are “Set it and forget it.” This is achieved by using timers that link to astronomical data.